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  • Municipal day care centers for children - Kindergarten

  • General Information

  • At Marktheidenfled there are five well-equipped municipal day care centers for small children. We want the families to be happy, therefore we offer a place in kindergarten for each of our children! Every child of at least six month of age can be registered.

    The kindergarten year starts on September 1st and ends on August 31st of the following year. During the holiday month of August, at least one day care center is open, so childcare is provided at all times of the year.

    The opening hours of each kindergarten are different; generally they are Monday to Friday between 7.00 am and 5 pm. On holidays the kindergartens will be closed.

    Since 2011 the municipal daycare centers of the core city (at Baumhofstraße, Edith-Stein-Straße, Kolpingstraße, Lohgraben) provide specially trained teachers, who promote the linguistic development of all children within the framework of the federal program "Early chances - Language and integration on childcare centers".
  • Registration

  • The children are registered directly at the daycare centers. You can register you child for the next kindergarten year during March of the previous year. You can select your preferred kindergarten, but children up to 2 years have to go to either Edith-Stein-Straße or Baumhofstraße, because those two centers have the facilites for smaller children.

    Please note: For each year in kindergarten you have to fill in a registration in the daycare's logbook (each year for the follwoing year).

  • Cost

  • The parents will determine the booking hours when the children are registered. The average minimum is 4 hours per day for children of three and more years of age. For children under three the minimum is 3 hours per day.

    For the second child of a family you only pay half of the parental contribution. For the third child (and more) the place is free, but only as long as all three children are registered in daycare.

    Cost calculation goes like this: The sum of the hours booked per week are added and divided by four.

    A four year old child will stay 7 hours on Monday, 5 hours on Tuesday, not on Wednesday, 5 hours on Thursday and only 4 hours on Friday. This adds up to 21 hours per week. So we have an average time of 4,25 hours per day. Fractions of hours are rounded up.

    So the monthly rate for this child is: 5 hours per day x 10.50 Euro = 52.50 Euro.

  • Monthly rate per hours  (starting 09/01/.2010)

  • For children of 3-6, until school:
    10.50 Euro each month per weekly hour

    For children under 3  (over six months):
    16.00 Euro each month per weekly hour

  • Result of the parent survey of 2013

  • In February of 2013 the parents of Marktheidenfeld's children at the age of 0 until school age were ask to submit information about the existing and the needed places in childcare.

    Many questionnaires were filled in and sent to the city administration. We are positively suprise and are very glad that the daycare offer is received with a lot of interest on the side of the parents.

    Therefore, we thank you very much for your cooperation. You took great care in answering the questions, that is plain to see. The answers you gave us will be worked into our future planning.

    We handed out 484 questionnaires and got 204 back, that is 42.15%.
    157 children have a daycare place, 126 of those in municipal daycare centers, 30 children go to other institutions, for one child there was no infomation on the type of place.
    149 of 157 children, who are in childcare, are satisfied with the place, that is 94.9%.
    141 of these children visit the kindergarten every day, that is 89.9%.
    47 children do not have a place yet, 30 of them are looking for one, 16 do not need a place yet, no information was given for 1 child.
    Only for 2 children there was a request of additional care through a childminder (private daily care).

    In order to give a comprehensive survey over the answers, we filled in one form with all the answers given by the parents.
    To make it more obvious, we filled in the answers in blue, adding the number of crosses for each box. All requests, wishes an comments were combined in a separate sheet.

    You can read the questionnaire here (in German):
  • At the same time we sent a questionnare to "future parents", in ordner to find out, how many daycare places will be required in the future.

    4 questionnaires were sent back. 2 families want a daycare place for every weeday in a municipal center for children of 7 month and older. One family wants a place for the entire day for a child of one year and one family wants a place in a minicipal center on single days, for a couple of hours in the morning or afternoon, for a child of one year.
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