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  • The Health Park Marktheidenfeld at the MAIN-SPESSART CLINIC

  • Since July 2004 the former district hospitals of  Marktheidenfeld, Lohr a. Main and Karlstadt have joined forces in the  MAIN-SPESSART CLINIC. This clinic provides short-term and long-term medical care close-by, so that you have only a short travel in the district of Main-Spessart in case of illness, accident or for medical examinations.

    The clinic consists of the Health Center Marktheidenfeld, the Health Center at Lohr a. Main, the Health Center Karlstadt and the nursing home at Gemünden. 
  • Health Park Marktheidenfeld

  • The Health Park consists of an acute hospital, emergency room and a clinic for diagnostic and preventive medicine.
    The Health Academy, the geriatric rehab center and a district retirement home round off the offer.

    The hospital (of service level 2) provides basic medical services. The clinic at Marktheidenfeld is in close cooperation and under combined management with the Health Center at Lohr.

    Health Park Marktheidenfeld
    Baumhofstraße 91-93  |  97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 502-0  |  Fax: 09391 502-2797

    Geriatric Center
    Baumhofstraße 93  |  97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 502-2465  |  Fax: 09391 502-2469

    District retirement home  Marktheidenfeld
    Baumhofstraße 91  |  97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 502-5505  |  Fax: 09391 502-5555

    Health Academy at the Health Park Marktheidenfeld
    Baumhofstraße 95  |  97828 Markheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 502-2704  |  Fax: 09391 502-2703

  • Helth Center Lohr am Main

  • The Health Center at Lohr provides all sectors of medical care: General and emergency surgery, internal medicine, gynecology and anesthetics as well as resident doctors for eye care and urology.
    A department of  neurology and a radiology practice round off the cooperative offer.

    Health Center Lohr

    Grafen-von-Rieneck-Straße 5
    97816 Lohr a. Main
    Tel.: 09352 505-0
    Fax: 09352 505 1797

  • Health Center Karlstadt

  • The Health Center at Karlstadt offers the services of internal medicine, surgery and anesthetics. 

    Health Center Karlstadt
    Gemündener Str. 15-17
    97753 Karlstadt
    Tel.: 09353 798-0
    Fax: 09353 798-3797

  • Retirement Home Gemünden

  • The retirement home at Gemünden is in close cooperation with the retirement home and geriatric rehab center in the Health Park at Marktheidenfeld.

    Retirement Home Gemünden
    St.-Bruno-Straße 14
    97737 Gemünden
    Tel.: 09351 806-0
    Fax: 09351 806-404

  • Further information:

    Central Administration
    Gemündener Straße 15
    97753 Karlstadt

    Tel.: 09353 798-4600
    Fax: 09353 798-4666

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