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  • Geographical location of Marktheidenfeld

  • The city of Marktheidenfeld is located in the heart of Germany in the Mainviereck Region in the district of Main-Spessart, in the administrative region Lower Franconia in Bavaria.

    The location is excellent, not only regarding the enlargement of the Euopean market towards the East.

    The town is located directly at the highway A3 from Francfort to Nuremberg and in immediate proximity to
    the business regions Francfort, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich. Marktheidenfeld has been categorized as a medium center in the Bavarian regional development program and has an important connecting function between Aschaffenburg (Region 1) and Würzburg (Region 2). This makes clear that Marktheidenfeld is a place were over-regional development axes meet.

    The town area comprises the original town as well as the districts  Altfeld, Glasofen, Marienbrunn, Michelrieth, Oberwittbach and Zimmern. Marktheidenfeld has aprox. 11,500 inhabitants, with almost 9,000 peolple living in the original town.

    Here, the extensive forest are Spessart and the wine region Franconia come together, Marktheidenfeld is the "bridge between forest and vineyards".

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