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  • Structural data

  • The region around Marktheidenfeld, which is characterized by manufacturing and trade industry, is the decisive factor of the district of Main-Spessart. The produced goods are manifold, from high-tech electronic devices over sun-shading technology to high-end electronics for processor-controlled automation systems or high-tech components for the car industry.

    The well-known corporation PROCTER & GAMBLE/BRAN ORAL-B and WAREMA
    Es sind die bekannten Großunternehmen PROCTER & GAMBLE/BRAUN ORAL-B And WAREMA Renkhoff SE, as well as the high-tech enterprises SCHNEIDER-ELECTRIC, REKO electronic GmbH, VSM, HILITE AG/CUMMINS EMISSION SOLUTIONS, the DRUCKHAUS SCHEUNUNG and the manufacturer of special glass OKALUX. Those companies are the market leaders in their sector and show excellent competence.
    Together with the metallurgical industry, of plastic processing, craft and service companies, Marktheidenfeld has a wide range of business.

    Marktheidenfeld is the location of a well-structured, efficient craft industry covering all branches. With the comprehensive offer of the retail trade and abundant parking space in and around the town center, Marktheidenfeld is a magnet for the entire region. You will find detailled information in our yellow pages.

    The efficiency of Marktheidenfeld has been substantiated by a study of the Industrial Chamber on "the medium centers of the administrative district of Mainfranken - a comparative study on the basis of selected factors", which was published in August 2009. The study compared 16 middle centers and possible middle centers in the Mainfranken region on the basis of 31 "hard" location factors with business-relevance. In the overall assessment, Marktheidenfeld was given the first place.

  • Sectors
    (Figures as of 08/06/2009)

    * Industry 40
    * Trade 406
    * Craft 144
    * Services and other 773

    (Total population: 11,493 (as of 05/14/2012)

    * Jobs 8,110
    * Commuters 4,135

    Administration and official institutions
    * Administration of the City of Marktheidenfeld
    * Joint Administration of Marktheidenfeld
    * National Health Institute, branch Marktheidenfeld
    * Police Headquarters
    * Vehicle Registration
    * Fiscal Authorities, branch
    * Central bus station
    * Post office
    * Youth Center "MainHaus"
    * Cultural Center Franck-Haus

    Health Sector
    * Hospital: Health Park Marktheidenfeld at the Main-Spessart Clinic
    * 3 retirement homes
    * Social station (nursing service for at-home patients)
    * 11 general medical practices
    * 29 specialty practices
    * 7 dentists
    * 5 pharmacies

    * Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg
    * Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart eG
    * HypoVereinsbank
    * Postbank

    Education and job training
    * 5 municipal daycare centers for children
    * Friedrich-Fleischmann primary school
    * Secondary school
    * State secondary school
    * Balthasar-Neumann grammar school
    * Förderschulen for children with learning difficultites
    * Occupational college
    * Technical college
    * Nursing school
    * School for geriatric nursing
    * Adult Education Center
    * 3 music schools

  • Teaching and Research
    Around Marktheidenfeld there a various institutions of teaching and research: the Würzburg University, the Polytechnic Universities of Würzburg-Schweinfurt and Aschaffenburg. The Würzburg University with its wide range of departments has established an office for technology transfer, where contacts between research and economy are made. The Polytechnic Universities of Würzburg-Schweinfurt and Aschaffenburg offer departments like Economics, Design, Information Technology, Engineered Plastics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Micro-Electronics and Economical Engineering. The polytechnic universities work together closely with the economy. The offer is completed by the university of cooperative education at Mosbach, Baden-Württemberg, where theoretical instruction and professional training is combined, and which has kept close and fruitful relations to Marktheidenfeld for many years now.

    These comprehensive training and education offers make sure, that a well-qualified and up-to-date staff can be built up in the companies.
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