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  • Motorhome car park

  • Motorhome car park at Martinswiese

    Directly at the entrance to town, at the Old Main Bridge, there are 20-30 spots for motorhomes.
    Fee by ticket machine: 5,-- Euro/per 24 hours
    Max. stay: 2 nights
    Water: 1,-- Euro / 100 ltrs
    Electricity: 1,-- Euro / 4 hrs
    The Martinswiese is sometimes used for events and no parking is possible. Then you can use a parking place in Georg-Mayr-Straße (opposite Lidl) for free. Follow the signs, maximum stay for 2 nights, no supply or waste disposal.
    The motorhome parking is blocked at the following dates (additional dates may be added):

    April 06-14, 2013 (Circus)
    May, 12 2013 (Event)
    July, 7, 2013 (Event)
    July 13-14, 2013 (Event)
    July 29 - August 25, 2013 (Laurenzi Fair)
    [map and route finder]

  • Country inn Baumhof-Tenne
    Outside the town next to the forest you find the motorhome car park of the country inn Baumhof-Tenne. Camping is free for the guests of the inn. A fee is charged for electricity and water. Further information:
  • Contact

  • Motorhome car park
    Luitpoldstraße 17
    97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 5004-0

    Baumhofstraße 147
    97828 Marktheidenfeld
    Tel.: 09391 3549
    Fax: 09391 3672
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