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  • Miniature golf

  • Since 2003 the City Youth Agency is running the miniature golf course as a work project for young people, giving them orientation between school and the a job training.

    The project wants to improve their social competence and teach them key qualifications, which will help them gain access to the training and job market.

    The miniature golf course is run by the project group self-responsibly from May to end of September.
  • Opening hours

  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays :14.00 - 20.00
    Closed on Friday

    The last rounds starts 45 minutes before closing time. For bookings for groups outside the opening hours please contact the city youth agency.

  • Prices

  • Apart from the fun of playing you will also like the family-oriented prices. No drink above 1.50 Euro, no ice-cream for more than 0.80 Euro.


    Grown-ups: 2.50 Euro
    Students under 18: 1.50 Euro
    Children under 6 years are free

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