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  • A Hearty Welcome to Marktheidenfeld!

  • Marktheidenfeld - where you feel at home!

  • Around 11,500 citizens live in Marktheidenfeld and the six urban districts. With an excellent infrastructure, outstanding residential quality, trade and business with a wide range of offers and jobs, and a good choice of shopping facilities and leisure activities, Marktheidenfeld provides a high standard of living.

    Marktheidenfeld is located on the river Main, which forms part of the town´s life, with neither roads, railway nor large carparks coming between the people and the river. Rather, you find here a well-developed network of cycling and hiking routes. Marktheidenfeld also profits from its motorway connection. Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Erfurt are only 60 to 90 minutes away - this is invaluable for the companies based here. They offer approx. 9,400 jobs in environment-friendly industry, high-quality services, handicraft businesses and substantial trading companies.
  • In addition, hotels, restaurants and cafés make sure that culinary pleasures are not neglected. In sporting activities, we offer gyms and squash courts, a sports hall, boccia, indoor and outdoor tennis, several Nordic walking trails, an airfield for gliders and light aircraft, and a golf course. Many advantageous circumstances have led to continuous advances and development in recent decades. 

    A contributory factor in this has been the forward-looking and pro-active building land policy. It was, and is, usual for  Marktheidenfeld to implement building land rationalisation wherever a major portion of the plots have been acquired by the municipality itself. Compensation agreements mean that no seller has to fear being disadvantaged. This policy guarantees a needs-oriented development of building land and also prevents speculation making building land unaffordable. The municipality is thus able to provide industrial building sites quickly and without red tape. Private building lots in attractive surroundings, which are generally affordable and which prevent urban sprawl, and at the same time renovation and revitalization of the historic town centre: all these tasks have been managed successfully in Marktheidenfeld.

    Well-equipped daycare centers for children with very flexible opening hours, schools of almost  all types, a hospital, a "city bus", two beautiful Main bridges, our cultural center in the unique smalt- blue Franck-Haus, an active adult education centre and a town library - these are our achievements to date and a source of justified pride for our citizens.
  • Also included here is the Wonnemar, an adventure pool which opened in December 2012 and is well-known and popular in the region. Here there is fun and recreation for the entire family, whatever the weather. This sport and family facility offers a pool for small children, one for families and a sport pool. There is a tube slide of 100 yards length, which is the children's special favorite. In the thermal spa area, you will find an indoor and outdoor saltwater pool, a shower park, a Kneipp pool, a whirlpool, a waterfall tower, a grotto, and a relaxation gallery from where you have a fine view of the surrounding natural landscape. Relaxation is a priority at the Wonnemar. On the next level you find the sauna and wellness area, providing an oasis away from rush and stress. From the panorama sauna you have a beautiful view of the Main valley. From there you can go directly to the sauna garden. During the summertime, you have access to the extensively restored outdoor pool area.

    Marktheidenfeld is exceptional in many respects. One of the special features is the "Rathaus-Center", the town hall center, which was finished in 2010. A combined effort involving private and public funds led to its realisation in the town center. A  full-range retailer supplements the wide range of shopping facilities in the heart of the town, so everything for daily needs, and more, is on hand. An underground garage allows trouble-free parking in the middle of town.

    Leaving the underground garage, you enter Mitteltorstraße, where the previous gap in the row of buildings has been closed, enhancing the architectural integrity of the town; new shops and high-quality accommodation have been built. In Luitpoldstraße, in place of the old town hall, a large Citizens´Services-Office provides entry to the new town hall of Marktheidenfeld, with barrier-free access to the municipal administrative offices and the council chamber via stairs and  elevator.

  • "It's the people who are the life of the town!"

  • It is not the buildings but the people who live here who make our town what it is. All cultural activities of the town are supported by engaged citizens in many clubs and organizations, in almost all field; politically active citizens are involved in a number of advisory committees and working groups, giving voluntary support to the town council and its committees.

    Moreover, we have a citizens´ (cultural foundation), established in 2001. The people of Marktheidenfeld are emphatically European: Montfort-sur-Meu in France, Pobiedziska in Poland and Marktheidenfeld form trinational "triplet" towns, maintained by the activity of a large segment of the population. We have a cordial relationship with Germantown, USA.
    Our corporate statement underlines our commitment to the worldwide Agenda 21, to this joint effort to reconciliate ecology, economy and social responsibility. But the people of Marktheidenfeld cannot only work hard (and sometimes discuss zealously), but they can also celebrate cheerfully: Each year in July, for instance, at the Dragon Boat Race, we have a giant jamboree for two days and nights down by the river - and in the week around August 15th we have the Laurenzi Fair, the largest fair in the Main-Spessart district on the most beautiful fairground far and wide.

    A hearty welcome Marktheidenfeld - where you feel at home!


  • The Church of St. Laurentius

  • The Old Main Bridge

  • The Market Square

  • Embankment of the Main

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