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  • The Marktheidenfeld VHS - the adult education center

  • The adult education center was built on the initiative of citizens who came together in 1947 and agreed on a statute for their voluntary involvement on June 19, 1953 as "Kulturkreis Marktheidenfeld" (Cultural circle). Since 1966 the classes are held. The association, who organizes the adult education bears the name of "Volkshochschule Marktheidenfeld e.V.".

    The VHS markheidenfeld is a member of the Bavarian Volkshochschulverband (bvv) and the Bezirksarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG), the Bavarian and regional superstructures.

    If you want to support the work, you can join the club. Your membership helps to secure the upkeep and further development. You support educational and cultural activities at Marktheidenfeld and make a point for the importance of the VHS for the open and close-by education of all citizens.

    As a member you can attend the annual meeting and comment on the associations's politics and affairs, make proposals and decisions. With your membership card you can attend lectures in the Old Town Hall for free. The yearly membership costs 6 Euro.

    The association's memorandum and articles were last reviewed in 2004. You can get a membership application at the VHS office or on the VHS webpage.
  • Contact

  • VHS Marktheidenfeld e. V.
    Altes Rathaus
    Marktplatz 24
    97828 Marktheidenfeld

    Tel.: 09391 91819-96 (oder -98)
    Fax: 09391 81603
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