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  • The Ballroom in Franck-Haus

  • Bild: The Ballroom in Franck-Haus
    The ballroom is very impressive with its height and its decoration. Especially the ceiling painting is attracting attention. It combines three scenes from the bible about Josef and his brothers. In close relation to the Holy Scripture the middle scene shows the serving of the brothers by the not yet recognized brother, at the left the hiding of a beaker in the corn sack of Benjamin and on the right the arrest of the brothers; the center scene is open for interpretation as a meal of concilement of the brothers.
  • Bild: Ceiling fresco
    From the ceiling fresco the eye turns to the rich stucco decoration. The figures in the corners of the room stand for the four continents, the ones in the middle for the four elements, which are also the theme of the side stucco. The floor is most certainly original, the double doors were added during the restoration - replacing single-leaf side doors - as were the supraports, still lifes with flower vase and fruit basket. During the restoration the original stucco decorations were reduced, in order to make room for the gobelin paintings on the walls of the ballroom.

    The paintings show scenes with characters from the Italian Comedia dell'Arte. For three of the wall paintings could be identified as copies of paintings by Jean Antoine Watteau (1684-1721). Watteau, one of the most important painter of the French Rococo, became famous with his depiction of the "fêtes galantes", a group of festive peope in a serene landscape. This relates to the gobelin paintings in Franck-Haus, which underlines the unique importance of the ballroom for the house. In the ballroom's vestibule a stuccoed monogram which was found during the restoration is pointing clearly to the builder.
  • Getting married in the Franck-Haus at Marktheidenfeld

  • For the most beautiful day of your life the Franck-Haus is waiting with the most beautiful room at Marktheidenfeld - and the most beautiful wedding room near and far. The registrars are very flexible concerning the wishes for the marriage ceremony. For all information please contact Mrs Link and Mr Brand. [More iInformation]

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